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Local Rules of the Civil Courts of Collin County

If you are ordered to appear in court in Collin County, Texas, here are a few rules you need to keep in mind.

General Rules of Courtroom Conduct

All persons in the Courtroom shall be attentive to the proceedings and cause no distraction through their words, actions, or attire.

Beverages, food, chewing gum, candy, and tobacco products are not permitted in the courtroom, unless specifically authorized by the Judge of the Court.

No photos or electronic recordings of any kind (cell phone, camera phone, iPad, etc.) are permitted in the courthouse, unless specifically authorized by the Judge of the Court in accordance with Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Each Court may post Standards of Conduct in or near its chambers. 


Except in emergencies when the District Clerk’s Office is not open for business, no application for immediate or temporary relief shall be presented to a Judge until it has been filed and assigned to a Court.

Attorneys and self-represented litigants are required to notify the District Clerk of any change in address, email, telephone, or fax number. Any notice or communication directed to the attorney or self-represented litigant at the address, email, telephone or fax number indicated in the records of the District Clerk will be deemed received.

A “Vacation Letter” may be filed with the District Clerk by a party or attorney reserving days in which no hearings, depositions, or trials are to be set. A “Vacation Letter” per case is unnecessary; one letter shall give notice to all District Courts for each case related to the party or attorney filing the letter. The letter may be updated as needed.

Paysheets for court-appointed counsel in civil cases are due within 30 days of any hearing and within 30 days of trial. Paysheets for court-appointed counsel in criminal cases are due at the time of plea, or if there is a trial, within 30 days of trial. Paysheets untimely filed and without good cause will not be paid.

For a complete and updated list of Local Rules, please refer too the Collin County Local Rules.